LaCorse – Bikers dream in Mediterranean Sea

Island of Corsica is the biker paradise in Mediterranean Sea and a perfect start in our biker season. Bikers who like passes and curves are in the right place. 50 2,000-meter high peaks line the island, so we have never ending curves and passes.

Day 1: Individual arrival to the ferry terminal in Savona (Italy). Meeting point will be the parking garage at the port. Late in the evening we will check in at the ferry to Bastia.

Day 2: Early in the morning we arrive in the Port of Bastia. After leaving the ferry we discover Cap Corse, located at the northern tip of the island. We leave the city of Bastia directly and enjoy the first curves in the Pigno Massif. At the seaside again the coastal road to Macinaggio is on the program. Afterwards we ride to Tollare, the northernmost point of our trip. The tiny fishing village Centuri-Port is one of the most beautiful on the island and our next goal. The coastal road takes us by passing Nonza to Patrimonio the best-known wine-growing area of Corsica. Curvy roads and the spectacular view to Gulf of Saint Florent make the heart skip a beat. Next highlight will be the curved belt through the desert of Agriates. Finally along the northwest coast we reach our daily goal Calvi, main village of Balagne.

Day 3: We start towards the east and enjoy the curvy mountain roads of Balagne. Through the valley of Navaccia we reach Ponte Leccia, seated at river Golo. We continue our trip over the pass Col de Croce d’Arbitro and come to Pont de Castirla. Through the 15 km long granite canyon Scala di Santa Regina we reach Calacuccia, seated at the corresponding dam. Here is the river Golo dammed for power generation. Next goal will be the pass Col de Vergio (1.477 m), highest pass of Corsica, before we enjoy the splendid views into the deep Spelunca canyon. In Porto we are again at Mediterranean Sea. Afterwards we are riding through Calanche with its bizarre rock formations, a genuine highlight of Corsica. At the beach Plage d’Arone we have our coffee break. Back at Gulf of Porto we start our driving highlight of the day, the coastal road to Calvi – one of the most beautiful in Europe! In Calvi we finish the day cozily again.

Day 4: As this coastal road is addictive, we enjoy it this morning again in reverse direction to Porto. Afterwards we ride again through Calanche before we reach Cargese, seated at Gulf of Sagone. Past at Vico we go back into mountains. The curvy road alongside the river Golo increases our adrenaline level until we come to Corte, former capital and the only university city of Corsica. Next goal will be the Restonica canyon, where we can ride until Bergerie de Grotelle. Back in Corte we ride direction south to Pont du Vecchio. Over the pass Col de Sorba (1.311 m), second highest pass and called “Stelvio Pass” of Corsica, we come to the inner Corsican scenic road to Sartène. Until Aullène we enjoy curves, curves and once again curves. Over the road D420 we reach our hotel in Zonza. There we will be resided for the next 3 days.


Day 5: This morning starts also with a winding road. Our warm up is the road to Aullène before we ride the scenic road D69 to Zicavo, in the heart of High Taravo. Inside the chestnut and beech forests we enjoy the curves until Cauro, seated at the edge of Renoso Massif. Afterwards we are riding some more passes and reach Tavera with its well-known menhir. Ajaccio, capital of Corsica, by a curvy devious route is our next goal. Afterwards we go to the tongue Pointe de la Parata, seated northwestern of Ajaccio. Along the Gulf of Ajaccio we ride on the coastal road to archaeological site of Filitosa, one of the most visited tourist attractions of Corsica. Over the pass Col de Saint Eustache and the valley of Ciuvone we come back to Aullène. From here our hotel in Zonza is not far away.

Day 6: Today our morning fun on curves leads us to the port town Port Vecchio in the southeast of Corsica. Afterwards we keep the course south and reach Bonifacio with its medieval fortress on a rock. Here is a photo stop mandatory! Sartène will be our next goal before we come to Gulf of Valinco. Afterwards we enter the mountains again along the river Taravo. Over the pass Col de Bellevalle we reach the region of Ajaccio but we don’t drive into the capital. Instead we enjoy the surrounding mountain roads. So we come to Grosseto Prugna, seated at creek Marcuggio. Further on we ride to Aullène where we turn on D69 and enjoy the superb curves in the valley of Coscione. From Pont d’Acoravo we drive through vineyards and olive groves to Ste-Lucie-de-Tallano before we finish the day cozily again in Zonza.

Day 7: Our last day in Corsica starts with a highlight: the ride through Bavella Massif, one of the most beautiful in Corsica, with the passes Col de Bavella and Col de Larone. Shortly afterwards we reach Solenzara, a spa on the east coast of Corsica. Shortly time later we leave Mediterranean Sea and ride again into mountains. Next goal is Corte in the heart of Corsica, before we ride into Asco canyon. The scenic road alongside river Asco increases our adrenaline level significant. Back in Ponte Leccia we ride curvy roads again to Bastia at Mediterranean Sea. In the late evening we will check in at the ferry to Savona. Then we have to say goodbye from biker paradise in Corsica …

Day 8: Early in the morning we arrive in the Port of Savona. After checkout at ferry,  
individual departure.

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